The importance of signs


The importance of signs

Signs, we see them every day: whether it’s safety signs looming above the motorways as we commute to work, or the soft, green glow of an emergency exit sign in the dark of a cinema screen, or the direct message of a no smoking sign, signs play a major role in our everyday lives. In fact, your average person sees so many signs during the course of their day, be it hopping in the car and driving to the supermarket, or patrolling the high street, they are unlikely to notice just how widespread and numerous signage really is. However, signs are not just there to warn us of potential dangers or hazards, they can also be used to help point us in the right direction. For businesses, they can even entertain and intrigue passersby.

Warning signs

The vast majority of signs, at least where health & safety signs are concerned, warn people of potential dangers in the environment. Such signage is designed to be as visible as possible to ensure they don’t go unnoticed by visitors. A good health and safety sign communicates its message directly and simply, and can make all the difference between a person or persons coming to serious harm. It might sound dramatic to say a sign is the difference between life and death, but in many cases a good warning sign is exactly that.

One direction

Signs aren’t there just to warn people, they can also be employed as a way of giving instructions. Imagine the scene: a busy department store thronged with shoppers, the aisles packed with people, and the fire alarm goes off. In this scenario, effective signs will help people find the exits, allowing them to safely escort themselves from the premises with a minimum of fuss and danger. Picture signs, in particular, are incredibly effective, as they can be understood easily and allow for a quicker evacuation because people don’t have to stop and decipher what is written on them.

If you’d like more advice on signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The Sign Shed. We specialise in the manufacture of signs of all shapes and sizes, and can even design bespoke signage, with wording of your choosing, absolutely free of charge.

emergency exit sign

emergency exit by kalleboo licensed under Creative commons 4

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