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Action-packed road signs are the best


Action-packed road signs are the best

How many times has a driver missed a dull ‘No Entry’ sign on a road and found themselves facing head-on traffic? A sign showing a red circle with a white line through it could easily get over-looked by someone who is lost, or struggling to follow their sat-nav. Thankfully for red-faced drivers who have been caught out, there is now evidence to show that they aren’t alone. Researchers at the University of Michigan and Brigham Young University have discovered that the way to grab a driver’s attention is to make road signs more action packed.

It seems that when drivers do see signs that show dramatic movement they react more quickly. We’re all used to seeing road signs, and most of them are quite tame, but the research that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that more dynamic road signage could save lives. So, the question is – which are the most dramatic road signs on our UK roads?

quayside warning side

Top of the list has to be the ‘quayside or riverbank’ sign depicting a car plunging into water – one that should grab any driver’s attention. Next up is the ‘falling or fallen rocks” sign showing a hillside with boulders hurtling down it at great speed. Also on the list has to be the ‘wild animals’ sign with a deer galloping along – now wild animals could also mean hedgehogs or squirrels, but that definitely wouldn’t be as dramatic. One sign that isn’t seen very often but is very dynamic is the ‘no vehicles carrying explosives’ one, which shows a car exploding.

At The Sign Shed you can be sure that our warning signs will be seen – with text in a bright, bold font and a range of materials including vinyl, plastic and Dibond to ensure a clean finish. Thankfully we create custom, bespoke signage so you can choose your own design, and now according to this research, the more dramatic the better. So, have a chat with us about your signage ideas by email at sales@thesignshed.co.uk or call 01977 681127 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Isle of Gigha by Mr ATM licensed under Creative commons 4

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