Are you a tosser?

Are you a tosser?

It’s a reasonable enough question for a Tuesday isn’t it??!!!

Down the shed we’re gearing up for Pancake Day (in between making signs). Frying pans in hand, nice and heavy ones, none of your lightweight “softy” pans, we’re from Yorkshire yer know!

There’s the usual “are you a sweet or a savoury”. How you can contemplate putting gravy on a pancake is beyond me – that’s why they invented Yorkshire puddings! Sweet all the way for me – golden syrup, a bit of lemon juice and the job’s a good-un.

Then there’s the “American style or traditional pancake” heated debate. Who cares (although must admit I’m a traditional kind of guy!).

But, the one thing that separates the men (and ladies) from the boys (OK, and gals) is the t*ssing issue! To t*ss or not to t*ss, that is the question. And the answer, yes,I’m proud to say, I AM A T*SSER!


Rob, down the Shed at Sign Shed HQ

stack of pancakes
stack of pancakes on white background