I may have nits…

I may have nits!

Yep, that’s right, NITS!! You know, head lice, those tiny insects that infest your hair and cost a fortune in nit lotion to get rid of.

It all started yesterday afternoon when I got a text message from the kid’s school to say that “someone in Year 2 has reported a case of head lice”. Apparently we need to “thoroughly check our child’s hair and treat if eggs or lice are found”.

Now, if you only have a child (singular) that’s fine. It shouldn’t take long. When you have children(plural), in our case 5, yes 5 between us, it’s a marathon! It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a once-off occurrence, but it’s nearly every week this term. Which means that someone in the Year 2 class still has the little blighters (nits, not the kids) and one B*OODY parent in the playground at home time can’t be bothered to check their little princess’s hair. The question is at 3pm – WHICH ONE??!! I have my suspicions.

So, as a result, all day, despite checking last night and finding nothing, I’m itching! So, do  tell my colleagues at Sign Shed HQ I may have nits, in which case, they may too, or do I keep quiet and play dumb on Monday morning??!!


Have a good weekend.

Rob, down the Shed, at Sign Shed HQ, itching…..