Highlighting the Path to Safety with Fire Door Signs

Highlighting the Path to Safety with Fire Door Signs

According to statistics released at the 2015 Fire Door Safety Week, there are approximately 162 fires across the country every day and of these, 9,100 fatalities occurred between 2013 and 2014 (1). In this same time period, there were no less than 19,874 fires that occurred in non-residential locations such as shops, restaurants and industrial sites. While these figures appear to be quite high, the toll on life can be much higher if fire doors are not clearly marked.

Clear and Concise Indicators

The main purpose of any fire door is to provide a quick exit in the event of a fire or other emergency. However, we should keep in mind that the location of these doors must be clearly marked with the help of a highly visible sign. Otherwise, the individuals may not be aware of the presence of the door itself.

Double fire exit doors in a public building in the UK









0Numerous Business Uses

There are countless businesses that can utilise emergency fire doors signs. Some of these include:

  • Commercial offices.
  • Restaurants and pubs.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Public properties such as retail outlets.

Signs for Specific Needs

The Sign Shed is the online home of UK safety signs and warning signs and offers a number of different options. Some will warn that the door should be kept closed at night while others warn that individuals should stand clear of an automatic door. These are only two examples of what can be found here. Either way, these signs will identify the fire door in a manner that will attract attention.

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