Safety First: Keeping Farmers out of Danger

Safety First: Keeping Farmers out of Danger

Although only 1 in 100 workers are employed within the farming industry, 1 out of every 5 work-related fatalities occur within this sector (1). So, it only makes sense that a small amount of prevention can help to ensure the safety of all employees. In many ways, the first step towards enhanced safety is with the use of warning signs that are specifically designed for the farmer. These signs are able to alert any individual of the dangers that may be present; doing so in a clear and concise manner. What specific fields can make use of these signs and what types are currently available?

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Covering Multiple Concerns

There is always danger involved when working around live animals. This is a primary concern within the cattle industry. Enterprises involved within the production of agrochemicals will likewise be able to enjoy superior rates of safety when employing task-oriented signs. From working with slurry and pesticides to warning drivers to slow down when approaching a certain area, these alerts are pivotal to avoid injury and even death.

Highly Visible and Intuitive

The Sign Shed is the online home of UK safety signs, and for good reason. There are a number of different variables for you to choose from. Some examples include:

  • Spraying in progress.
  • Signs that warn of approaching livestock or horses.
  • Poisons.
  • Agricultural machinery in operation.
  • Hazardous chemical storage areas.

If you are in need of these and other farming signs, please take some time and visit our category page to appreciate the true variety that is offered. Agricultural safety should always come first and these signs will make certain that everyone is well aware of any existing dangers.