Emergency Exit Signs: Highlighting the Path to Safety

Emergency Exit Signs: Highlighting the Path to Safety

According to the Building Regulations Directive of 1991, all workplaces need to have standardised and easily recognisable signs to be placed near a doorway that serves as a means of escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. Of course, this only makes a great deal of sense. Such signs will instruct employees and visitors where the nearest exit is in relation to their location. This can provide a clear escape plan and minimise the chances that people become lost or confused. Never forget that in many situations, these signs are not optional. They are the law within the United Kingdom.

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For a Variety of Businesses

As mentioned previously, there are a host of different situations when these signs could be required. Businesses that have a complex floor plan, two or more exits or locations where a large number of people are present will require such alert systems. Some examples here can include an office complex, an apartment building, a chemical production plant or a school.

Covering Your Needs with The Sign Shed

Not only are standard exit signs available, but there are a number of unique displays which provide further instructions such as:

  • An emergency meeting point.
  • Directions to open a door (such as push, pull or depress a lever).
  • Signs warning to keep an exit clear from obstructions.

The Sign Shed is the online home of UK safety signs and we comply to all relevant regulations. If you own a business and require these signs to be present, please browse through our extensive collection of emergency exit signs. By following all of the rules put forth by the government, you will be providing your employees with a safe working environment.


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