Garage, Workshop and Vehicle Safety

Garage, Workshop and Vehicle Safety: How the Sign Shed Can Help

Garage and workshop signs are some of the best tools that are designed to prevent potentially dangerous injuries. When we consider the fact that there were no less than 629,000 workplace accidents on the job between 2013 and 2014, the importance of quality signs becomes apparent (1). The Sign Shed is the online home of UK Safety and warning signs and we are proud to offer a wide variety that address garage, workshop and vehicular safety.

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Signs for Every Garage

Of course, The Sign Shed offers a wide variety of signs to choose from. Some such as safe working load signs can be used within any area that presents the danger of heavy objects falling (such as when a car is atop a hydraulic lift). Others include a sign warning not to move a vehicle; ideal for when a mechanic may be servicing the undercarriage. Additionally, a compressed air sign can used for situations such as:

  • When an air ratchet is in use.
  • Garages that also specialise in power washing vehicles.

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Personalised Capabilities for the Modern Garage

There may be some situations which require an entirely unique form of sign within a garage or service centre. In this case, we provide bespoke alternatives that will display a very particular warning as per the request of the customer. Examples could be spilled oil or an environment where ear protection is required. These signs offer high levels of visibility while their instructions are extremely clear.

So, please take a look at the variety of garage and workshop signs that we have to offer. You will certainly find what it is that you are looking for.