Why Signs are Important to Maintain Kitchen hygiene and safety

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Why Signs are Important to Maintain Hygiene and Safety in the Kitchen

Nearly Every workplace has a kitchen – not just restaurants and cafes; but office blocks, schools, care homes and even supermarkets too. The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous places in any workplace, with many people reporting accidents and injuries happening there every year.

There are many different causes of accidents in the kitchen, with the main ones being slips and falls, cuts, hot or harmful substances and manual handling. Most of these accidents can be avoided by using safety signs around the kitchen.

Another important factor when it comes to safety in the kitchen is hygiene, and there are also signs that you should use to ensure all kitchen workers maintain the highest possible hygeine standard.

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The Sign Shed, the online home of UK safety signs has a wide range of signs that every commercial kitchen simply cannot live without.

The first type of sign important for any kitchen is the food safety and hygiene signs. You should use one that tells workers to never store food on the ground, as this is not only a potential trip hazard but is unhygeinic too. You should also use signs to warn about storing raw meat with cooked meats, and to make sure hands are washed every time food is handled.

The second type of vital sign is for health and safety to ensure everyone is kept safe in this dangerous part of the workplace. You should use a sign to inform of the correct use of sharp knives, a sign to warn of high temperatures, and a sign to remind people to clean up spillages to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

These are just a few of the health and safety signs that every commercial kitchen are required to have by law. Visit our kitchen hygiene signs page for a more comprehensive range of signs available.