Spark Your Business into Life with the Right Electrical Signage

Spark Your Business into Life with the Right Electrical Signage

The importance of using safety signs to warn of the dangers of live electricity cannot be overstated. Every year, around 350,000 serious injuries result from electrical accidents and 1,000 in the workplace. Using electrical safety signs to warn the public and workers of nearby voltages is, therefore, a must. The types of businesses that should pay particular attention to electrical safety include:

• Power stations companies
• Transmission networks
• Local and national train operators
• Cable networks

At The Sign Shed, the online home of UK safety signs, a variety of warning signs are available to inform and alert people to the risks of electricity, such as from live overhead wires.

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The Types of Signs Available

All electrical warning signs feature a distinctive black triangular-shaped border with a yellow background and voltage symbol designed to grab your attention. Any extra information will determine the type of sign used. These types include:

• Signs warning of a specific voltage, ranging from 110V to 11,000V
• Live wire or cable signs
• Guidance signs such as those warning to isolate mains before opening
• Sign warning of live busbars, live terminals or mains voltages
• More specific signs such as men working on a line

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Live Wires and Cables

Electrical warning signs that inform of the dangers of live wires or cables are used when workers or the public are at risk of coming near or into contact with them. The different types include:

• A buried cable warning sign
Live overhead wires warning sign
• A “drivers beware” sign warning of electric cables

Protect your workers and the public with the appropriate electrical warning signs.