Five reasons why your new business needs signage

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Five reasons why your new business needs signage

When starting a new business, signage is probably one of your smallest concerns. After all, you’ve got to get your business plan finalised, your funding arranged, and your branding and marketing organised – there’s a lot to think about.

However, both custom signs and mandatory signs are more important than you may think. Here are five great reasons why signage should be something that you think about in detail.

1. You’re legally required to put up health & safety signs.

Does your business use toxic or flammable substances? Is there heavy machinery on site? Are there taps that provide very hot water? If so – and you have employees or visitors – you’re required by law to have suitable safety signs in place to highlight any dangers.

2. They can advertise your business.

Business signs and other place name signs can let people know that you’re there – and custom signs can feature your branding to make your business stand out from the crowd. Even when your premises are closed, your signage will keep you in people’s minds.

3. They can increase security.

Opt for security signs to make it less likely that you will be burgled or vandalised – use signs to warn people there is CCTV on site, or that there are guard dogs on the premises. Just the presence of such signs may make potential troublemakers think twice before acting.

4. They can improve the customer experience.

If your premises are large – a school or a hospital, for example, it can often be hard for visitors to find their way around. The same applies to stores, where customers want an easy way to find the products they need. The right signage can work wonders.

5. They can reassure customers.

If you’re a food business, for example, having the relevant food processing and hygiene signs in place can show customers you are committed to doing things by the book, while first aid signs can let customers and visitors know that you are prepared should something go wrong, and no smoking signs show that you abide by the law. This reassurance will also increase trust in your business, making it more likely that customers will have a positive image of your brand.

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Occupational Health and Safety Signs by mikecogh licensed under Creative commons 5