Playground safety


Playground safety 

When you’re young, playgrounds seem like nothing but a place for fun and games. However, when you think more carefully about playgrounds and the effect they have on children’s development you realise that they provide a platform for your children to learn social, and key motor skills without even noticing. This is brilliant because it means your child is learning some important things all the while having fun, however sometimes accidents can happen in playgrounds – causing injuries.

Nowadays, it can be easy to forget how much time you are spending on your phone, computer or in front of the TV – and that goes for kids too. Playgrounds are and always have been good for getting kids active whilst assisting them with a healthy lifestyle. That being said this means that playgrounds should have the correct safety precautions in place to provide the children maximum safety when enjoying themselves in those recreational spaces.


One of the most obvious things to keep your children safe would be to have a type of flooring that has some sort of ability to absorb shock and limit the damage done should someone fall over on the surface. It is very common for children to trip or fall over when they are running around in these areas playing; it’s an accident that is fault of no one usually. Concrete and tarmac are common among playgrounds, despite being one of the worst surfaces to fall over on because they have no shock absorbing traits what so ever, this means a small fall could be made look more sever with a bad cut. Furthermore the injury is then subjectable to becoming infected due to dirt on the floor getting into the wound. Whilst we accept that falls are a part of being a child playing, we can aim to provide them the best safety so that they continue to get out and stay active rather than be put off by painful injuries. There are different types of flooring that offer shock absorbing traits to lessen the damage done when falling on them, we believe these are the best options for playgrounds to keep children safe whilst playing and allowing them to have fun whilst developing their social and motor skills.

Rain can make a children’s playground go from being safe to being very dangerous in a matter of minutes by making the hazard of slipping become even higher. If you decide to have a canopy over your playground it offers your playground protection from this, it means that there are no conditions at which you can’t use your playground. UV rays can be dangerous in the summer, as they can result in children suffering from sunburn, however when you have a canopy installed it also blocks UV rays – offering shade in the summer. This is a huge benefit because it is easy to forget how long you are in the sun for and burn during the summer, minimising the likelihood of sun burn, sun stroke or heat rash.

You will want to set rules and regulations for your playground, to ensure that it is used in the correct way rather than equipment being misused mistreated etc. To do this, some might constantly feel like they are hounding people even if they are just asking for things to be used correctly. A more effective way of communicating with those using your playground would be to use signs, this is a way of setting clear rules for the area. Rules that you might want to set for your playground will be things such as `no dogs’ , `no smoking’ etcetera.  This way people using the play area will be able to see the rules and you could even find other people enforce them if they see something mistreating the play area.

childrens play area safety sign

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