Machinery Prohibition Signs: Protecting Life and Limb

Machinery Prohibition Signs: Protecting Life and Limb

According to statistics, the improper handling or manipulation of machinery is one of the most common reasons for injuries, amputations and even fatalities within the workplace (1). Still, many of these incidents could have been avoided if the correct warning signs had been present. Such signs are actually mandatory within certain environments. As employee safety should always be at the top of your list, The Sign Shed has provided a wide range of machine warning signs for you to choose from.

All Under One Roof

From industrial lathes to machine presses that exert thousands of tonnes of pressure, the fact of the matter is that one mistake can prove to be very costly. Some of the businesses that will use these signs therefore include manufacturing plants, packaging centres, garages and production facilities (to name only a handful).



It should also be obvious that very specific signs will be designated for a certain type of machine and the precautions that the operator must take. Some of those offered warn against using a mechanism if the guards are not in place. Others remind the employee not to wear loose clothing around moving parts. Addition categories address unauthorised use, the prohibition of forklifts and general “do not touch” warnings. All are intended to protect operators and anyone in the nearby vicinity.

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