PPE Signs: Putting Safety into the Workplace

PPE Signs: Putting Safety into the Workplace

Otherwise known as PPE, Personal Protection Equipment is a vital component within countless modern workplaces. Not only will these items protect employees (and potentially stakeholders) against physical hazards such as falling objects, but they are also able to help minimise the risks of chemical agents such as noxious gases or asbestos. However, the rules are not always followed. A recent study highlighted the fact that only 16 per cent of those who suffered head injuries at the workplace were wearing hard hats (1). This is partially a result of the appropriate warning signs not being present. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you will encounter at The Sign Shed.

A Wide Range of Choices

In terms of personal protection, there is no such concept as “one size fits all”. Different industries require different warnings. Some sectors that commonly use PPE-related signs include:

  • Chemical plants.
  • Industrial warehouses.
  • Machine shops.
  • Agricultural facilities.

The Sign Shed is the online home of UK safety signs and there is no doubt that you will find what it is that you require. Our signs will include notices regarding ear protection, eye protection, face shields, adequate footwear, safety helmets and protective clothing. To provide even more options, the customer can add up to four lines of distinct text to each sign. Therefore, you are able to address the exact needs that a specific area requires.

There is no doubt that PPE equipment is a life-saving addition within many environments. Please do not hesitate to take a look at this category in more detail.


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