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New research proves Sheep Are Smart


Sheep are smarter than we think, according to new research revealed today. At The Sign Shed we could have told you that years ago!

The research conducted by Cambridge University reveals that sheep have similar face recognition abilities to humans. The female Welsh Mountain sheep can recognise celebrities such as Barack Obaaaama and newsreader Fiona Baaaaruce.

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Sid and Hamish, the safety sheep from HSE (Hazards Sheep Eliminate), help increase awareness of everyday safety hazards and the benefits of proper safety signage.

In a series of online educational videos, the boys aim to improve public health and safety in sectors such as construction and farming.

Commenting on the latest research, published in the Royal Society journal Open Biology, the woolly pair, currently applying to be contestants on Celebrity Mastermind, said they’d be continuing to help raise the profile of sheep as the smartest animals on the farm.

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