The 12 days of Christmas safety


The 12 Days of Christmas Site Safety

site safety twelve days of christmas

We’ve got health and safety covered over the festive period with our site safety version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

On the first day Christmas Do not use a ladder when attempting to remove a partridge from a pear tree

On the second day of Christmas we’d like to advise it is strictly two turtle doves per customer

On the third day of Christmas there’s a warning to keep as as there are three french hens on patrol

On the fourth day of Christmas there’s advise to calling birds -please switch off your mobile phones

On the fifth day of Christmas you’ll find a strict prohibition on metallic articles, including gold rings

On the sixth day of Christmas you’re warned that geese are laying, with high decibel levels and ear protection is recommended

On the seventh day of Christmas the area is reserved for ugly duckings as swans are not permitted to swim in the area

On the eighth day of Christmas maids a milking are instructed to wear head protection

On the ninth day of Christmas ladies dancing must wear foot protection, ideally safety boots

On the tenth day of Christmas lords must wear safety helmets when a leaping

On the eleventh day of Christmas no piping is allowed by mouth

On the twelth day of Christmas please wear ear protection during the drumming by the drummers


Thank you, and have a safe Christmas!

The 12 Days of Christmas from The Sign Shed.

Twelve days of Christmas a partridge in a pear tree
Twelve days of Christmas two turtle dovesTwelve days of Christmas three french hens12 hazards of christmas calling birds switch off mobile phonesTwelve days of Christmas five gold rings
Twelve days of Christmas six geese a layingTwelve days of Christmas seven swans a swimmingTwelve days of Christmas eight maids a milkingTwelve days of Christmas nine ladies dancing
Twelve days of Christmas ten lords a leapingTwelve days of Christmas eleven pipers pipingTwelve days of Christmas twelve drummers drumming


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